How to completely copy the Tomato config of one RT-N16 router to another.

This may or may not work for other routers. I don’t know. Lots of folks have bricked their routers trying to do this the wrong way, so be careful.  This saves a ton of time and is reasonably safe if you

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Setup a standard useful cygwin environment to make Windows feel more like Linux

Install All Cygwin 1.7+ Default Packages PLUS the following additions and automatically included dependencies: Base>gzip Mail>mutt Mail>email Mail>procmail Mail>grepmail Mail>procmail Utils>gnupg Utils>cpio Utils>screen Utils>ipcalc Net>openssh Net>openssl Net>rsync Net>curl Editors>vim Editors>gvim System>util-linux System>ping Math>bc NOTE: X-Windows needed X11>xorg-X11-server X11>xauth X11>fvwm (basic

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Junction Networks OnSip Click To Call Plugin Fails to Ring Phone

Symptom: The OnSip click to call plugin for your Firefox or Google Chrome browser is configured with your sip address, but when you click on highlighted numbers to call, nothing happens. Advanced Note: If using Wireshark or other packet capture

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JungleDisk Drive Mapping Fails in Windows 7

Symptom: Jungledisk fails to map local drives in Windows 7 – you also have thrid-party antivirus or anti-malware software installed. You may also receivean  xDatabase error, xDriveMapFailed error,  or other errors pop-ups resulting in the application terminating. Note: The following issue,

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Acer TimelineX 4830T-6642 Built-In Battery Replacement Instructions How To

To replace the Acer TimelineX built-in batteries like in the 4830T-6642 all you have to do is: 1.) Take out all the screws on the back and pry-up the track pad panel by using a flathead screw driver along it’s

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Adding an Alternate Symantec Veritas Backupexec User in Linux (RALUS)

So, I got frustrated recently at the fact that install documents for Symantec/Veritas BackupExec simply states that you should use the root user as the user that the backupexec agent (RALUS in linux) connects to and runs as remotely.  I find that simply unacceptable,

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How to wipe a hard drive drive before getting rid of it.

I recently decided to sell a few of my older systems, but I didn’t want just anyone being able to pop in my hard drive with a boot disk be able to browse around my personal files. Deleting your partitions

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Quick Remote Encrypted Backups for Linux

Quick Remote Encrypted Backups for Linux Some folks will shake thier heads at the idea of doing a dump on a live file system, but it does work in most cases. Further you can then copy that file over the

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How to use a Gaming Keyboard with a KVM Switch

Error Problem with your gaming keyboard and kvm switch? Gaming Keyboard not working right with kvm? Read below! I recently entered the modern era with a new IOGEAR GCS1104 USB/DVI KVM. I love this KVM, however a few days after

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Replace your landline, or add a line or two for the kids…

Well, I’ve been using VOIP via Timer Warner cable for about 3 years, so I’m not really new to the service of VOIP, but considering that Time Warner Austin charges me $39.99 for my calling plan it was time to

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