JungleDisk Drive Mapping Fails in Windows 7


Jungledisk fails to map local drives in Windows 7 – you also have thrid-party antivirus or anti-malware software installed.
You may also receivean  xDatabase error, xDriveMapFailed error,  or other errors pop-ups resulting in the application terminating.

Note: The following issue, specific to Malwarebytes , does not appear to be an issue in Windows 8.


If you have any third-party anti-virus or anti malware software installed you might need to set exclusions for Jungledisk in those programs, or in the case of kernel loaded protection modules (like Malwarebytes uses mbam.sys)  you need to enable the protection module AFTER the Jungdisk driver cdfs.sys loads.

The only way to do this malwarebytes is to disable file execution blocking when the protection model starts, and instead turn it on manually after each reboot of Windows 7.

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